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Speaker Bios

Kevin Ross Emery

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

International speaker, teacher, healer, television and radio host, Dr. Kevin, has been doing professional psychic work since the 1970s. Dr. Kevin is an award-winning and best-selling author; having written over 20 books, and produced DVDs and CDs as well. He regularly teaches master-level classes on a variety of topics. He maintains a full-time spiritual coaching and counseling practice in Nashua, New Hampshire which serves as a catalyst for people all over the world. You can find out more about him at or

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Lori Powers Otto

Rev. Lori Powers Otto

Rev. Dr. Lori Powers Otto is an published Author, Teacher, and Spiritual Life Coach. She has co-hosted shows on TV and is the current Thoughtful Thursday co-host, the 2nd Thursday of each month, on The Dr. Kevin Show. She is smart, funny, thoughtful and it is her mission to make a positive difference on this planet.

Facebook: We Can Save Her

Facebook: Light of the One Heart

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Raena Wilson

Raena Wilson

As a spiritual healer and embodiment coach, Raena Wilson supports others to access the deep callings of their Wild Soul, to walk more in the exquisite beauty of their Power, Love, and Wisdom. She facilitates transformation with shamanism, energy healing, dreamwork, breathwork, intuitive readings, astrological-based esoteric systems, expressive movement and arts, yogadance, and trauma-sensitive body-centered processes. Learn more about her at or

Wendy Darling
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Wendy Darling

Wendy Darling is the co-founder of GTD (Go the Distance) Consulting and the Miraculous Living Institute, committed to you achieving your results. With over 38 years of experience as a management and organizational development consultant, corporate influencer, relationship and transformational results expert, speaker, seminar facilitator, master healer and coach, her entire career has been dedicated to the decoding of what needs to happen to create RESULTS. She works with those who are “going for it” but something is holding them back, causing unnecessary interference. Wendy blends her psychology, management and organizational development experience with her unique healing gifts and processes into what is now the Miraculous Living Method (TM), a comprehensive system that creates permanent change. The steps are simple, the results profound! Her clients finally achieve their desired results, having greater influence and impact in their lives. Wendy is a professional speaker, #1 international best-selling author of The Miracle That is Your Life. She has been featured on tv and radio, in Forbes and other publications.

Wendy’s clients repeatedly refer to her as their personal fairy godmother, for assisting them in turning their dreams into reality.

Find her at:

Donna Bass

Donna Bass

I was a self-taught practicing herbalist in the early 1990's.  In 1998, I had an opportunity to sit a one-year apprenticeship with Salandrea from the Mustard Seed in Portsmouth NH. As I sat this apprenticeship, I only had more questions than answers. In order to get some answers, I decided to go to college to learn more about how herbs and the body work together. In 2005, I started at the University of New England as a pre-med student. I got a degree in behavioral neuroscience.

 At UNE, I learned about the body, the brain as hardware, and discovered a passion and talent for research and asking good questions. After graduation from UNE in 2010, I went to the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology to study the brain as software and how the body and the brain work together. 

In 2019, I approached my partners, Ashlee Robbins and Corenia Tortelano, with the crazy idea of blending basic science and traditional healing modalities and to teach this process to professional clinicians.  They have been my friends for many years and I look forward to what we are going to bring to the world in the world’s greatest collaboration; Science and Traditional Healing.


Instagram: @BridgesandBranches

Donna's website:

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